Upping the game in wakeboard technology

Prospect E-lip Flex

Hand in hand, wakeboards like snowboards have seen a huge rush in popularity. As fun, social, easy to get the hang of activity, these two sports are a great way to enjoy both summer and winter.  Wakeboarding however, in the past has required a larger investment to get started. A boat, and not just any boat, a fancy I/O boat with ballast tanks has been the status quo.

Now, cable wakeboard parks have made that added big boat investment a thing of the past. Now wakeboarders can get their riding in for less than a gas fill at the local marina.  These cable parks have also changed wakeboarding big time by adding rails, boxes, snowboard like jumps, and nearly perfect water 100% of the time. The barrier of entry today is now equal to snowboarding. It is no surprise we have seen a jump in the number of wakeboard parks around the U.S.A. and world.

To jump in with this current trend we have developed a new technology of wakeboard that is cheaper to build, more durable, and performs both in a cable park and behind a boat.

-Poplar wood core and Urethane rubber sidewall is the durable core of our wakeboards. Past technologies used light weight foam which was not durable, as a matter of fact a slight impact would mean the end of most wakeboards. The wood core is a more solid material, produces a flex that increases performance, and has a rubber bumper for added impact strength.

-UMHWPE Grind base is a material technology adopted from snowboards. It is a highly durable, low friction, bombproof bottom that is the cutting edge for cable parks and new school freestyle wakeboarding.

-Our E-lip technology uses a elliptical shaped rocker that tightens the curve upward toward the tips of the board. This makes the board pop better off the wake and press better on rails.

We are happy to open our production for OEM, private label and Promotional purposes.  We have several option to fit price, performance, and value on custom wakeboard builds.

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