Ski, snowboard, and wakeboard ordering season is here.


The guys at Prospect Snowboards have been the go to guys for custom, private label, and promotional snowboards. Now we are adding in more fun to the product mix with skis, wakeboards, and longboards.

If you have thought of, or are considering a custom product we make it is an excellent time to take advantage of off season production to get great discounts. The graphic below shows the percentage off based on an order date for our production prices listed below.



We offer fully rideable, performance custom skis, snowboards, wakeboards, and longboards with high quality sublimated digital graphics. Our performance division is great for brands looking for private label builds, clubs wanting unique customs, and unique promotion gear that gets noticed. These use current technologies and we offer upgraded performance options as well. Don’t forget to calculate the early season order discounts above.

One of the areas we have put a lot of work in to for Private label and OEM building is choice of materials. Materials that are ordered for building snowboards, skis, and wakeboards often times requires large purchase minimums which, in the past, has meant only very large orders would have access to these materials. We have worked with suppliers to make this easier to give more customization options. Added to that, we also have all graphics processes, wood core operations, and tool creation done in house so we can offer huge value to  in customization and control over product being made.  Here are some option we have mapped out…

Prospect also offers “display only” snowboards, skis, longboards, and wakeboards.  These products have a 100% authentic look with special wall mountable inserts for easy attachment. We use more simple, lower cost production methods for these to pass the savings on to you.  Don’t forget to calculate the early season order discounts!

We are known and make an effort to be flexible to fit the unique needs of each build. Whether budget, performance, look, delivery date, or other is a concern, we’ve been known as the guys that make it happen.

To inquire, get a specific quote, or get questions answered run over to our contact page and tell us what you have in mind.

Here are some additional resources to help you get started…