Promotional Snowboards, Wakeboards, and Longboards – How to get started

We got approached to do some projects this year from a few well known companies. With a rough idea for a marketing campaign, were able to put together a package that fit around the needs of to make their ideas successful. Here are a few ways we were able to help out.

We did a project last year for a local soft drink distributor to build some skateboards with their custom logos and this year they decided to go with snowboards.  They have the resources to create their own artwork and they wanted quality boards that people would be more likely to ride.  The resource allowed them to design a social media campaign around their fan base to choose from 3 different artwork ideas.   This gave an interactive way to reach out.  They are also able to present their boards to other distributors to resell their promotional skateboards and snowboards to the distributors in their network.  We were able to bring flexibility to their campaign by giving them extra time to submit their topsheet artwork.  The overall transaction needs a 6 – 8 week lead time.  We landed on artwork for the bottom of the board and that let us create  75% of the board.  We were then able to offer a quick two week turn around after the missing component was submitted.

new-long-board-for-contest snowboard-bottom

Another way we were able to adapt to make a successful campaign is with a local marketing department for a popular liquor brand.   The locally based, regional marketing department wanted promotional snowboards, although they needed a certain number of boards at a budget that fit.  Plus, they needed help getting artwork together. They asked “would it be cheaper to do snowboards that are only display and not meant for riding.  Again our flexibility came through.  We created a product with some simple material changes, that looked authentic, but came in at a 25% discount over the real product.  This opened the doors.  Now, for artwork, we had a short meeting to get a feel for what they wanted.  We want to help produce a product that was congruent with their brand image and communicates to their target audience.  They offered us some of their existing marketing material which turned out to be completely compatible with graphic design software.  With these resources we were able to provide product with faster than promised lead times, with more options for artwork then promised, and lower than our estimated cost.  That conveys our ideology: give a better value than anyone else is willing to give.korbel-top-1 korbel-bottom-1 Korbel-bottom-or-top-2 Korbel-top-2 Simple-top-3