Custom wakeboards, skis, and snowboards 2015


The guys at Prospect are indeed killin it in the realm of making unique, customized, promotional gear.  We are quickly becoming the go to guys for this gear because the system we’ve built is easy for companies to understand, production options are easy to work with, and most of all the products we produce are professional quality.

Easy to understand

We’ve found that ordering a production of snowboards is both an excitingly fun project and also an intimidating because most people aren’t studied marketers of snowboarding technology. The system we’ve developed makes it easy to get artwork made and we work closely with our clients to help them understand options and limitations. Moreover, we carry a full line of board sizes and options that are current in the snowboard industry and offer sizes that accommodate the widest audience to assure your promotion is used on the slope, not stuck in the closet.

Here is a link to our catalog, with some basic information

Production Options

We make a range of gear from “performance” to “display only” to match the purpose of a given promotion. We have a variety of materials that allow us to flex to accommodate your needs for use and to match budget.  In the end we concentrate on creating a great looking, authentic product that represents your company effectively.

Professional Quality

The snowboards, wakeboards, and skis we produce for promotion are closely related to our own professional production line from Prospect.  Using the same materials, building techniques, and sizes as our production line means that you are getting a great product that the end user will both enjoy and actually use.

For more information or a price quote tell us a little about what you have in mind.  You can fill out our contact form or email neil*at*