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There is a very specific reality…  The snowboard industry is shooting itself in the foot.

Rampant discounting and preferential treatment to the big box are deterring buyers away from your local shop.

(If you are burned out on hearing about why snowboard companies are giving you the shaft, it is time that you start designing your shop snowboard now.)

We see a lot of shops that are bummed on the way they are treated by the industry. We, as a small business, like you, saw the pinch that snowboard dealers are in. As a matter of fact, we have a retail location, so we see the sting too.

We found a way to skip the BS. By selling our own brand. No one can undercut us and the customers buy our boards because they like to rep their local shop.  Best of all we don’t have be shoe salesman and post on facebook when we get the latest “Rick Ross limited edition skate shoes”.

That’s where we come in. After 2 years of development we are making some seriously prime boards.  We even have a range of material and shape options to choose from. Now we are offering our locally made boards at prices board shops  consider fair. The best part is that minimum orders start at just 10 boards.  We’ve also made it easy to get started.

First you need a design. We are offering 1 hour of design time free so you can pick some colors and get your shop logo posted on the board. Or, you can make your own design that works for you.

Second, Pick out some shapes, quantities, and materials that fit they type of shop board you are looking for.

Third, send it to production.  We usually like to make a sample so you can see the board quality, and final print.  That way we can make changes according to your needs.

If you want to look in getting snowboards made for your shop, team, or riding group we the the guys to help you out.

Hit up our Price Quote page and let us know what you are looking for.