Custom Promotional Snowboards and Wakeboards

Promotional snowboards and wakeboards historically have used old technology and obsolete building methods when building their run of boards that get exposed directly to the end consumer.

Typically called cap boards, this is considered to be “low end” in the board industry today. The downside is that the end user, the consumer, has likely done the research to know how credible the board they have in their hands. The see old technology and don’t take your investment seriously.

We use only current manufacturing techniques that provide better performance, ride, and an improved finishing look.  Commonly known as sidewall or sandwich construction, it uses a plastic or alternative material barrier to keep water out so the board lasts longer.

Current construction methods and “high end” boards don’t mean they are out of reach for you promotion.  In comparison to boards with the old construction it might be surprising to see how economical pricing for better product and producing here in the U.S.A. really is.

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