OEM, Branded, and Promotional Production Snowboards


The basis from day one was to have snowboards with high end performance with a good price.  We’ve now added “high value for you” into the way we produce for brands.


In our production and services we offer:

-Flexible production in both volume and customization.
-High end materials and layups like bioresins from Entropy, 7500 isosport bases, and your own carbon fiber arrays.
-You also have access to engineer your own customized shapes, sizes, and cambers.
-Value added publicity into our fan base, local dealer representation, and optional “shared cost” trade show representation.

Here is the way we see it…

This “economic funk” has stemmed from a decade of people who got used to giving low value work for high pay. Once the dollar starts to squeeze the belt, people freak out because work is “hard”.  The guys at Prospect “get it” because we’ve been there.  We understand in order to succeed, there has to be more value added than just production.  Here is our promise: We’ll work harder for you than anyone you find out there.